Monday, 14 July 2014

Request for Custom Made Shawl

This is the first custom made wide shawl yang Nad buat.
Actually a few weeks ago done. Dah update dekat personal blog, lupa nak update dekat sini. :p
This one request by Anne from Kuantan, Pahang.

Colour: Cream
Lace: Bronze
Beads: Silver, Offwhite, Bronze
Stones: Swarovski stones clear crystal
End finishing : Hemming (Jahit kelim)

Beads & Pearls, Wide Shawl lace beads

Basically untuk semua custom made request, Nad akan tanya customer what colour do they want.  At the moment, I don't stock up lots of colour. 
If the colour that you want is not in my stock, I'll go out and look for it. :)

So far my TAT (turn around time) is less that a week.
At least 2 days is required to complete the beading process.
Postage is done through Pos Laju Malaysia and usually it will takes about 2-3 days to reach at your door step.

If you have any further concerns, just drop me a message via Whatsapp at +60174015580.
I'll be super glad to talk and reply your message!


Request for Custom Made Shawl

Ini adalah shawl last week.(hmm..this week baru update yerr).
Request dari Eyra from Labis, Johor.
Eyra request colour light pink and lace hitam.
The next day after Eyra dah inform Nad terus pergi cari kain di Kamdar..

So ini lah hasilnya...!
Opps lupa nak mentioned, this is half moon shawl yer..
Bahagian atas dijahit kelim dan bahagian lengkung belakang dijahit tepi halus.
Tepi-tepi lace ditabur dengan Swarovski stones..
Gambar dekat bawah memang takkan nampak kilatnya beads tu semua..
Almaklumlah HP cikai saje.

Beads & Pearls, Halfmoon Lace Beads

Beads & Pearls, Halfmoon Lace Beads

Baju Raya untuk Mama...!

Last Sunday gopoh-gopoh siapkan beading untuk baju Mama..
Actually dah dapat baju kemain lama lagi..
Asyik bertangguh saja..heeee heee...sampai kena marah...

So inilah hasilnya!

Beads & Pearls, Baju Manik

Beads & Pearls, Baju Manik